"Hearing the future..."

The mainstay: mostly a chilled-out, laid back, vibe. Good feelings and chillaxed vibes is what I prefer to absorb and exude.

Sound Wavyness

Flywavez Walking On Sound album artwork Walking On Sound
All songs copyright Flywavez Music, ASCAP. Okay

Navigating through depressing feelings, and is a vehicle of excape from the extreme hampering that those type of episodes can bring (for the composer).

14th And West

An ode to a chill spot I have in Miami Beach. It provides a look across Biscayne Bay over to downtown Miami. The night time view is spectacular.

Enjoying The Distortion

Music: Flywavez

Push Hands

Offering no resistance, unscathed nonetheless. An instrumental for reflection, contemplation...the like.

We're Always Here

Chilled and reflective ordeal with the guitar and a triggered sample. Whereever we are, we're always here.

The Grid

Floaty. Rolling through Santa Cruz and the area.

All songs copyright Flywavez Music, ASCAP.

Videos in the pipeline. Soon come, y'ear?